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Welcome to Clarunis

Current visiting hours

The current visiting hours for patients hospitalized at University Digestive Health Care Center Basel – Clarunis, Switzerland are as follows:

Clarunis Site University hospital Basel – Current visiting hours

Clarunis Site Claraspital Basel – Current visiting hours

Dear patients and relatives

Welcome to University Digestive Health Care Center Basel – Clarunis, Switzerland at both its locations, St. Clara Hospital and Basel University Hospital. A hospital stay is certainly unsusual and connected with a lot of questions. The following information should help you to make you more familiar with «hospital life» at Clarunis. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to talk to our staff who will be more than happy to help you. We hope that you feel comfortable during your time here and look forward to your being able to go home soon.

The Claraspital in Basel is a privately run acute-care hospital and an indispensable part of the health service in north-west Switzerland. It provides outstanding therapy and comprehensive medical expertise, delivered with the level of care you would expect in a private hospital.

Claraspital has two centres, the abdominal centre and the tumour centre as well as the special departments

Furthermore, Claraspital is reference centre for obesity and provides extended basic medical care with a round-the-clock emergency department and out patient clinics.

Public transport:
Bus 34 - «Heimatland»
Tram 2, 6 - «Hirzbrunnen/Claraspital»

By car (A2/3):
Motorway exit "Basel-Bad.Bfh" and turn off right into Riehenstrasse. The approach via Hirzbrunnenallée is signposted. 
St. Clara Hospital has its own parking garage.





The University Hospital Basel is synonymous with the very best in medical, nursing and therapeutic care. Cooperation between our various disciplines and professions ensures that this is the case, promoting communication and facilitating individually tailored treatment.



Public transport:
Bus 31, 33, 34, 36, 38 - «Universitätsspital»
Tram 11 - «Universitätsspital»
Car (A2/3):
Exit Basel-Süd/City, Exit Basel-Süd/West Universitätsspital, Cityparking