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Excellent treatment of patients

  • Outstanding service and treatment quality thanks to the combination of the fields of abdominal surgery and gastroenterology / hepatology of the Basel University Hospital and Claraspital under the Clarunis umbrella 
  • Close supervision by the doctor in attendance and their outpatient case management
  • Clarunis' guiding principle is: "The patient and their disease are at the heart of our endeavours. It is the organisation that conforms to the patient’s needs and not vice versa." 


Providing patients with high quality, holistic medicine and care takes pride of place at Claraspital: Holistic quality is achieved through personal, individually appropriate and professionally competent treatment, care and supervision in well-coordinated and interdisciplinary teamwork. Thus, the aim is to achieve flawless quality in all areas of service. Holistic quality covers every type and dimension of hospital service quality.


The high quality at Unispital Basel is based on the interplay of modern diagnostics, the best possible therapies, treatment of patients according to their needs and interdisciplinary cooperation of specialists. To this end, we also cooperate with external partners, such as referring doctors, other hospitals, health insurers or authorities. We are continuing to further develop our quality management by adhering to our model.


Quality certifications